Grow Canada's Biggest Wildlife Garden

Seeding Relationships to Heal the Land - Virtual Forum Event Series

Photo: Stefan Weber

Shifting the Paradigm 2022 - 2023

Join us virtually in ethical space, to set intentions on how we would like to revive relationships with one another while working to restore our shared home.

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Native Plant Garden Kits support Healing Gardens and Climate-Smart Yards.

This shop is a Carolinian Canada fundraiser for growing a healthy ecoregion in the spirit and practice of reconciliation.

Healing Gardens - Native Plant Garden Kits have precious seeds to restore, reconcile people and ecosystems, and save wildlife and water. These seeds will grow into local wildflowers native to the Carolinian Zone. Treat them with respect, care and compassion. Recognize the power that the seeds have in creating a healthy future and lasting legacy.

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Supporting Communities

For every kit sold, we donate one to an indigenous community

The Great 2021 Pawpaw Parade

The seeds we plant now will define our future.

Native plants, like the Pawpaw, will connect you to amazing local diversity and help you grow healing gardens and climate-smart landscapes.

Ontario LOVES Pawpaw Tree!

Since the Pawpaw is a rare tree, numbers are limited, but Carolinian Canada’s network of 300 groups and 5000 volunteers is working to reverse that trend for Pawpaw and other native plants that are essential to local healthy environments for wildlife and people.

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Grow Canada's Biggest Wildlife Garden

The seeds we plant today will define our future. Thousands of people are growing hope with native plants to address the triple threat of extinction, climate and health crises in the spirit and practice of reconciliation.

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Why Grow Climate-Smart?

Can we grow a green future in the face of climate change? Nature has a secret – it is really good at adapting to climate change. We just need to let it work its magic.

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Native Plants are Key to Climate-Smart Landscapes

Check out these ecologist approved tips and tricks to growing Climate-Smart yards and landscapes at home.

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