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Carolinian Canada

Expo Booth 2024 - Early Bird - Not for Profit (annual budget > $250k)

Expo Booth 2024 - Early Bird - Not for Profit (annual budget > $250k)

Thank you for joining Go Wild Grow Wild Green Expo 2024!

Please read these instructions before proceeding.

1) Please submit an application for a booth to Carolinian Canada here. More information about the application process is available there. Your payment is not required until your booth application is approved. Please proceed with your booth purchase only when you have received a confirmation from the Carolinian Canada team.

2) Use the drop-down menu to select your booth size (10ft x 10ft or 5ft x 10ft)

3) To purchase multiple booth spaces, you will need to add 1 booth to your cart and then edit the number of booths you want in your cart before checkout.

4) If you would like to upgrade your booth(s) to a premium location, you may purchase a booth upgrade(s) here: Expo 2024 Booth Upgrade - Premium Location – Carolinian Canada. Upon checkout, make sure you have added the right amount of upgrades!

5) Should your booth require electricity, please add that to your order after adding your Expo booth to your cart and before checking out: Expo 2024 - Booth Electricity – Carolinian Canada

6) Early bird pricing is until April 12. After April 12th, prices will increase.

For questions, please contact Dustin for assistance:

Note: You can adjust the quantity of booths in the cart at checkout.

Please allow 5-10 seconds for your choice to be added to your cart.

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